Hi, my name is Bruno and since twenty years I'm offfering my passion for bicycles as a service for those who want to see the Aeolians Islands from a different point of view, with the spirit of adventure and love for the nature.

You may rent bicycles and e-bikes including accessories and assistance for your tours in town, on the island's roads or footpaths.

I organize accompanied or guided excursions for small groups of friends, families or organized groups. In any case of emergency you may of course rely on my equipped repairshop!

You are not seen as a tourist, in my eyes you are a passionate and attentive visitor! You want to discover new places inaccessible to the lazy eye of the simple vacationer.
You do not have to be super-trained, my e-bikes will do half the effort for you. And if you are well trained and want to sweat, I will rent out you the right bikes and all the suggestions about the route.
Please bring a valid ID and a credit card (non-rechargeable) with you.
I'll give you a helmet, padlock and a map of the island!



A wide range of bikes, e-bikes and MTB, hiking bikes, race bikes and junior bikes awaits you! Choose your favorite, your size and the accessories you need, then fill in the booking form and enjoy the landscape!


On-road ride around the Island or off-road adventure? 
We propose excursions for any taste and any stamina!